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Twin Flames

Do the work.

Inner child traumas, shadow discovery, ancestral healing.

Love yourself unconditionally ~ William

The Origin of "Twin Flame"

The term Twin Flame was channeled by Barbara Marciniak and published in one of her books in 1990-92'. 

Throughout history ancient cultures have mystifying stories and what seem to be riddled statements for our modern-day consciousness of a mirror soul. A unionship of beings, on the physical plane, so powerful that the Greek 'gods' (star-beings, ETs)  divided 4 into 2, millennia ago fearing the infinite power that would rival their rulership authority. Plato refers to this harmonization as the 'original being', through his conduction of Symposium, based on ancient Greece from his perspective of time. Each Human is linked to their mirrored half, on a destiny path of realignment to themselves. One must consider, was this done with ill intent or due to the energy frequency shifts in our reality we are currently experiencing, was this put in place for these powers that most certainly complement a True twin flame unionship, so immense, that one must train themselves, process all of the Ancestorial Karama (greek gods) and the linage prior to them to unlock these abilities? How powerful can we truly be when our codons are vibrating in an ultra-high frequency of Love, activating the markers within the DNA for the upregulation of long-lost dormant talents, supernatural and paranormal abilities, to our mind's modern interpretation? 

“[When] a person meets the half that is his very own,” he exclaims, “something wonderful happens: the two are struck from their senses by love, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire, and they don’t want to be separated from one another, not even for a moment. These are people who finish out their lives together and still cannot say what it is they want from one another.” Plato

Ancient scriptures such as the Hindu Vedas, bible, buddhism, and the Sumerian text, share or seem riddled with stories of a sacred divine reunion of mirroring souls, or with our modern interpretation, a Twin Flame journey. I've interpreted these accounts to be singular, balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies within oneself to experience divine bliss, love, happiness, and gratitude, 'balance' essentially.


When you dive deeper into the allegorical referencing from antiquity, the bible and Qaron seem to paint a picture hinting a correspondence to the glands, organs, and healthy functionality of the human avatar biological functions, which is inclusive of the ovaries and testicles, the sex glands of the human body. From my understanding in ordinance to the moon entering your sun sign, there is a synergy of oils that are or were released from both the pituitary and pineal glands. A journey descending down the spinal column, unifying in the sacrum with your naturally powerful seed energy (sperm or eggs), only when the environment is healthy enough when applying discipline, and discernment to all vibratory, frequencies or energy stimuli. If I or you have honored the process for the body, the tri-fusion energy source is then ready to ascend back to the claustrum in our brains where we are healed, born again, resolved from illness, and so on. This story from my perspective in our modern time accounts for ancient Greece when the practitioner will experience the great return of "christos" (Greek for oil), (hence 'Christ' origin in the bible) energy to ignite our consciousness and activate our DNA. Many hypothesize this process is the origin of the Halo representation around the heads of 'masters' from ancient times.

A Twin Flame reunion?

We Are (I safely assume) well aware of the frequencies, thoughts, and emotions that create our reality. Right? 

"Make the unconscious, conscious",

"As within, so without, as above, so below, so the universe, so the soul",

"From darkness comes light, from light comes darkness",

An infinitely powerful, magnetic law of attraction, mirroring our energy as a reflection, to experience being the creator beings we are.



Wonderful, send me a message, let's connect with you our higher selves or request a workshop and test the limits of your body, mind, and soul.

Twin Flame FAQ's

Q. How do people find their twin flame?


How are your emotions at this moment? Curious? Joyful? Worrisome? Anxious? Sad? Lonely? Happy?

What is inspiring your twin flame quest which landed you on this page?

The simplicity of "finding" (That which is never lost) your Twin Flame is an internal game of self-love, Trust, faith, determination, perseverance and self trust. One must honour all their emotions, a calling to address angers or frustrations that arise during activities, thoughts or interactions with others. That which appears to be external is a mirrored illusion highlighting you disharmony within. 

simply put you will "find" your twin flame when you stop looking for an external person to complete you, to "help you grow" that "teaches you" or "is your inspiration". A true twin flame reunion is a meeting of 1 soul, split into 2 physical bodies. When you wake up and find yourself loving life, grateful for the sheets twisiting between your toes, the breath of air on your top lip, when you walk outside and sense and feel the radiant energy from the from the glorious sun, magnetic electrifying wind, and mosisture in the air. You are then in Tiwaz, you are Othala. your are balanced. You are then magically, magnetically being drawn to your twin flame. The inclingnings of ideas and creativity flowing from this state are sign post pulling you closer together with ultimately your Twin Flame. Choose love & gratitude, align with experiences that immerse you in a feeling of joy, bliss and enchantment, do this, to the best of your ability, and you will before you know it, have a partner that is reflective of your soul. I AM, We Are, twin flame energy. Become that which you are seeking or wish to experience in your life.

Q. What makes a twin flame relationship different from other relationships?

Your Twin Flame relationship is destiny, a root fundamental life-force vibration. A balancing educational experience, that which you can enjoy humbly, gracefully, receptively or hop off due to Ego persona imbalances.

Relationships are compartmentalized in 3 distinct segments.

      1) Introductory relationship experiences, eye openers to remind the human amnesia mind of what it does and doesn't want, young wild and free is an important energy to radiate from, the main set back to this when younger is the hormonal drive to explore sex and using our new found powers of creation to manifest or influence a desired idea; there is profound beauty in this stage, expect it generally does not occur while the human has a keen sense of the innate life path purpose. During this stage many will build a foundation of identity to material objects, appearances, cultural.

       2) Soul Mates are the great catalyst of our life time. The great love affair that changed everything. A heart break that through your inspiration for life right out the window. A loss of what you thought was your world. Relationship especially sexual are our greatest teachers in life specially when bonded and a sacred exchange of energy (sex) has occurred. An immensely liberating and triumphant exploration life, at first, evolving through a period confusing, difficult or even life threatening depression. Soul Mates ultimately prepare us for our twin flame reunion. the importance within these sacred moments is to determine weather or not what is occurring in alignment to your soul, bring intense happiness, and self love or a pulling away from truth or from honesty to what gives use that spark of life. You 

       3) Twin Flames Reunions. The meeting of physical beings following a balancing and equilibrium to Self-love within oneself. 

Q. What is the obvious indication I've met my twin flame?

Coming soon.

Q. Do all twin flame relationships last?


When you realize you are your Twin Flame, and choosing to put you first is the upmost importance in any situation including relations with family you are honouring this energy. so theoretically yes, they can last. I can list of dozens of points of why it wouldn't, would that be in your highest good to choose to believe someone else perspective? I ask myself as I write this if knowing present options confirming interested persons fears, am I serving and honouring my truth? Of course not. Life is a game of perspective choices. seeing the silver lining and choosing only to focus on what you wish to manifest in this life. I believe and write this with the intention all of you will choose to be your own light and love yourself unconditionally, thus, Twin flame energy infinitely flowing through you. 

Find this difficult to surrender to? May I suggest a practice of Yin Yoga and heart focused daily Meditations? Do the work and you will be rewarded. "what you put out, is what you get back", "you reap what you sow", I AM, We Are Jera.

Believe without judgement, hesitation without limiting belief, standing in your power as the creator being of your life and find yourself at this moment in a Twin Flame reunion with thy self... and "so mote it be".

Our awareness to perspective will govern your accordingly.

Q. Are Twin Flame reunions always romantic?

Are you romantic with yourself?

I for instance, take myself out on dates, I buy me clothes, I tend to my bodies physically and emotionally desires exercise, yoga, laughter, I light a candle or a fire when I desire ambient relaxation or elemental energy. I walk bare foot through a park grounding with the earth, smell the aroma of pine and cedar trees, flower that have just blossomed and listen to the buzzing of bumble bees and birds signing. I garden growing the food that will grow me, planting trees, herbs and berry bushes. I appreciate art, listing to music, sports, hiking, swimming, skating, and so on.

Are my forms of romancing, allowing ourselves to experience the exploration of life curiosities graciously?

"Where attention goes, energy flows". Law of attraction is real.  

Would you consider the above aforementioned experiences a form of self-love?

And, if self-Love, self respect is a precursor and catalyst for coherence to twin flame energy, would that then imply romantic energy permeates twin flame reunions?

Yes. Can it last you ask? 

How strong is your balance, focus and determination too manifest your wildest dreams? Will you quit providing yourself the opportunities to find joy in your life experiences? will you prioritize work or others needs above your own? will you take the back seat and say what's meant to be will be? Will you choose the perspective of victimization? 

Once we choose equilibrium for our lives, prioritizing our well being above all other distraction, we are standing in our own power, confidently demanding the universe respond, this is our birth right. Create your romantic twin flame reunion if it suits your soul. You and you alone hold the keys to your prosperous, abundant romantic twin flame reunion. 

Q. I need help! My twin flame is running! 


Literally. This is a construct of the mind, the ego desire acting externally, 'control', and 'logical thought' only occurs when one is NOT aligning within a state of repeatability or surrender and focused towards achievement in an unhealthy balance. I personally can attest to this lesson, having dragged myself through it for approximately 5 years, the energy diversion from self love and self appreciation is suffocating. You will divert, block and reject, many miraculous opportunities being presented which are secretly blessings leading to you twin flame reunion. Ive coached numerous people through this stage, based on my own experiences, and can say the trickiness and elusiveness of the mind is substantially clever.

This is a fundamental stepping stone, during the quest for a sacred union-ship of our mirroring soul.

We all will and already have persevered. 

Q. Is my twin flame guiding me, pulling me? Am I really feeling & sensing their emotions?

Everything is connected.

Quantum entanglement is real.

When our true twin flame counterpart is stepping into their divine power as a co-creator in their life, leading the charge to self liberation, you intuitively, spiritually, mentally, and physically will be drawn to purge, let go of, detox, old limiting briefs, inner-child traumas, fears and anxieties, from either first handed experiences and or ancestral linages (Patriarchal, Matriarchal, parallel/past lives and star being incarnations). 

Now, here is where the water gets murky.  

Every moment there are billions of potential realities for us to choose our life experience from, the obvious (generally our comfort zones) and not so obvious (The void, unknown or fear inducing; not so comfortable zone).

Is it possible, when key importance feelings arises, to quite that job, work more in alignment with hobbies which allow our creativity to flourish, to leave that relationship, to decide drinking isn't filling that void, to quite smoking and take up any form of exercise, to leave those old friendships behind, that these inklings are directly influenced from our twin flame counter part? What happens when we ignore them and assume the end result will not be worth the hassle? What happens if we choose curiosity, playfulness and excite for a exploration with no expectation of the outcome? What happen when we choose gratitude throughout the unfoldment, joyfully? Am I now influencing my Twin Flame? 

Once we let go of the tug of war rope and find gratitude and love for ourselves and all experiences around us, we will come to realize the tricks of the analytical mind or distractions of ego. 

Q. I have a sexual question regarding Twin Flames, can you help? 


Please book a Psychic Mediumship reading and we will open up pandoras box together and discover what lies hidden behind your veil.

All conversations sacred in nature, thus, are protected, confidential and private and never spoken of following a session. 

Q. Is a twin flame reunion guided by Destiny? 

Ultimately, Yes.

We Are, the waves in an eternal ocean, collapsing upon ourselves in a dance of life, destined to, (when we choose), to see the light, the return of "Christos" energy, and to awaken from the illusionary division of denser physical reality, as one. We Are transforming, transmuting and reforming energy through a cycling of perspectives until singularity is recognized and with free will choosing to honourable to surrender with our free will to a path of least resistance full of love & gratitude, miracles and abundance.

Draughting, fearful and scary at times? indeed.

Embrace the unknown, step into the void of infinite possibilities and allow yourself to shine your brightest colours.  

Q. Will i ever meet my Twin Flame?

When surrendering to Loving yourself unconditionally, full heartedly you will align with your Twin Flame energy. 

Meaning, you choose experiences daily, to the best of your ability, corresponding to feelings of joy, happiness, bliss, (insert your happy words here) without judgement, worrying or expectation. This is the first step, a direction that till ultimately lead you to your inner twin flame alignment first, and secondly a physical representation of this alignment externally. 


Instantly, days, weeks, lifetimes. Through my own meditation and spiritual work I've come to recognize my alignment has taken hundreds of life times to align to. Everyones journey is different, we are uniquely one and independent at the same time. 

Essentially you will meet your twin flame when you decide you want to. 

Q. I desire a twin flame reunion, please help!

I can provide guidance and clarity either spiritually or from first hand experiences as a Twin Flame Coach. Please email me to open a channel of communication to see how I may be of assistance. 

Q. I see 11:11 and other syncronstic numbers, what does it mean when thinking of my twin flame

BOOM, Magically 11:11... I remember the first time I intuitively recognized this beautiful synchronistic awakening in 2011. 

At the time I was not overly concerned with relationships, wanting one, or seeking love. I was just living, not highly vibrationally but exciting non the less. I first understand this number to indicate to pay keen attention to what I was immediately thinking of. the importance of that quick witted idea that popped and vanished like a dream. During the course of a few months I recognized the impressions to change my life, do things differe

Q. I have additional questions, thoughts or concerns about my Twin Flame, can you help?


I Am Grateful for the opportunity to serve all of you. 

Please book a session or send me a general email to request my assistance. 

Love & Gratitude

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