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Sacred Energy

By William Mcgirr

What is Sacred Energy, is there a History & Lineage?

Sacred Energy is a free-flowing, non-defined, and non-restrictive healing Love energy. One's awareness, intention, trust, and imagination are the only prerequisites to initiate this energy, to rediscover what powers lay deep within oneself. Powers that are malleable for healing thyself, fellow humans, plants, animals, and the very Earth we share. All efficient exchanges of energy are rooted in surrendering the ego, stepping out of a comfort zone, and shifting one's consciousness, awareness, and physical being into a reality, a space of infinite, unfathomable existence. An S.E. Apprentice will partake in multiple holistic disciplinary modalities, rediscovering how powerful 'they' truly are. The mystery between imagination and intuition will be explored and challenged. The quantum sensory potential will be synergistically infused between the body, mind, soul, and earth. William has curated this program from years of experience. 

Book a Sacred Energy Session

Energy Healing Origins

The true origin of "energy healing" from its primordial form can not be stated definitively. Many names are associated with energy healing, one commonly known limited variate today is called Reiki. What one does for another in a state of love, gratitude, and appreciation is our natural state of existence, this is the fundamental origin, there is no name associated with any one person or group it is strictly, Love & Gratitude. We are all natural healers and engage with this energy unconsciously since birth, and debatably before. This energy is our essence, lifeforce, chi, ki, prana, the tetrahedron sacred geometric structure that creates the very fabric of physical reality, Love & Gratitude.

For any one person to claim or pronounce another as the source of pure love energy negating its presence within all, is either ignorant or new to the physical human experience, no hierarchy should ever be established to any one source which has egoically defined any energy, though it is beautiful, as this is creation itself in its individualistic expression, it limits an unlimited potential. William outlines this though quite substantially in his Podcast. The greatest teachers you will ever meet will empower you as your savior, teacher, and leader, never standing to position themselves above or ahead of you, but with you as your equal. Jesus and Buddha both taught this. Dr. Joe Dispense and others alike currently teach this. As one aligns and focuses on sacred energy, naturally Psychic Mediumship gifts will emerge.

Sacred Energy is all around us, Nature, parks wildlife habitats, and mountains. the Ancients knew of this energy and intentionally constructed stone pyramid structures to harness and amplify this energy. A Guided Tour through the Egyptian Nile paradise will help anyone rediscover the ancient sacred energy within themselves we believe. 

Two Peacocks Sacred Energy Services:

        1) Sacred Energy Sessions

        2) Sacred Energy 3-Day Training
           *Local & International* Training: YES

         3) Sacred Energy Guided Tours

            Two Peacocks Sacred Energy Guided Tours include training, and attunements, modified to accommodate ancient sacred vortexes, ruins, and locale energetic anomalies. Be prepared for the unknown, strange encounters and experiences of a lifetime.

Sacred Energy Healing Session

> Phone, What's App, Signal, and Zoom calls: Clients hold the power and are responsible for opening our channel of communication, energetically this act is of great importance. Clients are required to call William at the scheduled booking time @ 1-647-300-8494

   a. Zoom Audio-only access will be provided before sessions. Please note I travel frequently, Video conference is not appropriate during this period. 

> In In-person sessions are possible at Two Peacocks Estate or while I Am traveling globally.

   * Divine timing is real, if our Universes' align, we can meet during my travels, I love to meet fellow Beings and new friends!

   * Arrangements can be scheduled for me to travel to your city for 1on1 sessions. Multiple sessions would need to be confirmed.           Conditions apply, please contact me if interested. 

Cost for Sacred Energy Healing Session: $169

Sessions duration is 1-2 hours

> Payment: will be made at the time of booking. Please note, online is set up to handle Credit card payments only. 

       > Canadian Clients 

          a. Cash 

          b. E-Transfer (EMT)

          c. wire transfer,

          d. direct deposit money order

       > Alternative payment methods for International Clients

         a. Mail Cash

         b. Mail Certified/Bank Draft cheque, money order

         c. Wire Transfer

         d. *Alternative Payment methods are available, please contact us to arrange

*Payment must be received and confirmed before the session. For additional information please see Terms & Conditions 


> Cancellations: please see the terms & conditions. 

Sacred Energy Apprentice

Cost $768    3 Days of Training

You will learn and experience:

> Sacred Energy Apprentice training
> Your unique hand placements 

> Yoga flow & Yin yoga

> Sacred Breath workshop

> Nutrition basics

> Ascended Master beings guided meditation

> I Am Grateful, intentional manifestation practices

> Sacred 11th harmonic chanting practices

> Vision board creation

> Dosing Rods 101
> 'Earthing' how to ground thyself

> My Sacred Energy business

What's included:

> Healthy Vegan food, snacks, fruits
> Electric water, H3O2, coconut water, and herbal teas

> Handouts relevant topics

> Apprentice Certificate 

> Follow up Q&A Support

> Two Peacocks life & spirit-time membership
> Love & Gratitude

Sacred Energy Apprentice locations:

1 - International locations

Sacred Energy - Apprentice workshop is taught when requested in ALL COUNTRIES except the USA. Filling out the form below to enquire further. 

Sacred Energy Enchanted Guided Tour or in your City?
Are you new to Energy Healing?
Special Abilities?

Congradulations for Co-Creating Miracles!

Sacred Energy FAQ's

Who can benefit from Sacred Energy?

Sacred Energy is within all beings, all things, thus, All humans, animals, plants, tress, babies, star beings, ancestors (yes even the deep shadow fractals of self and relatives can benefit, time is an illusion), and Pregnant Women.

What is beautiful about Sacred Energy once rediscovered within oneself, is the ability to direct the life force energy to yourself for healing. I personally work with this energy when i have discovered inner child traumas and need to dig deep into the shadow ancestral fear RNA programming. 

What is distance Energy Healing? Does this actually work?

Due to the universes construct of vibratory frequencies, all things in existence are interwoven and connected intimately, thus allowing us with our free will to engage with anyones' energy universally. Distance is an illusion and limitation understand only by the conscious mind. An Energy healer can physically be located Winnipeg, Canada and connect astrally & spiritually with a human in Greece for example. All physical aliments, mental or psychological disorders, pains and sufferings are the result of energetic disharmony rooted in the spiritual/astral/chakra bodies. Working directly at the root cause in the spiritual reality will actually allow healing on the physical level.  

Quantum entanglement is a force in our universe that makes up a fundamental law of order, recognized in the 1930's by Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen when the thoughts of the observers directly influenced the outcome of a photon randomization experiment. Though this has been understood for centuries or millennia through the lineage of energy healers, mystic's and mystery practitioners, for our right brained modern understanding scientifically, this can be viewed as a 'nail in the coffin', proving a link between the awareness, focus and intention of the conscious mind. Philosophically referenced as 'cause and effect', 'reaping what you sow', 'you are the company you keep'.  

Limitations occur in distance and in-person healings ONLY when the parties involved are blocking intentionally/unintentionally or doubting the possibility of such a practice due to pre-conditioned fear programming of the unknown, stemming from parental influence, peers, or traumas.

Is Scared Energy Apprentice worth my time?

> Are you sensitive to people's energies?

> Environmental energies?
> Can communicate with animals or plants? 

> Are you drawn to Fire, water, earth, or stone elements?

> Can you sense sickness, imbalances, or concerns in others without them knowing?
> Do you see auric fields around others or objects? 

> Have you ever experienced astral traveling, levitation, and telekinesis? 

> Can you see spiritual energy, and communicate with unseen entities, star beings? 

> Do you believe it is possible to activate codons/DNA to harness long-forgotten abilities?

> Feeling lost in life?

> Do you have a talent or skill not listed above, or searching for truth in life?  

Sacred Energy Apprentice training is designed for those who are truly determined in exploring the shadowy depths of their reality, the unknown, awakening to their limitless potential. Embrace your present moment, join Two Peacocks to co-create your life and the world you wish to experience.

Be prepared to "push the envelope"

Sacred Energy or Reiki training is there a difference?

Sacred Energy is a spiritually holistic free-flowing channeling of the divine source frequency, Henosis, Love & Gratitude, consciousness, undefined, incorporating an adjustment in training at the pace of those in Apprenticeship, follow our guide's suggestions. I believe truthfully our raw infinite vibration of life permeating our reality can not be defined or contained in a multi-word title, my efforts to channel and co-create an experience that reflects this true freedom is my goal,  Apprentice will break down limiting belief patterns, fears, heal inner child traumas, and detoxify stagnant energy and toxins from the body. As one progresses in my training, Onsite residency and training run for up to 3 months. This experience is sponsored and by invitation only, it is not a size fits all, and there is no guarantee of "certification".  


Reiki training is beautiful, it exists, it was my introduction to the energy manipulation modality, intuitively I was guided to ask many questions as to why things operate the way they do, and was met with resistance, with fear that profit may be channeled outside their jurisdiction.

Is Sacred Energy Healing right for me? How doe it work?

Are you able to allow yourself to believe there is a sacred energy, a frequency, a vibration that exists throughout all life,?  Maybe you call it or know it by the names God, Allah, Christ, Jesus, Oneness, Source, Chi, Love, or perhaps by another name... Yes? Wonderful, Sacred Energy Healing is right for you then. 
Clients requesting to join my energy field, who truly surrender to the moment can experience power enchanting transformations, reformations, and healing.

My intention as your guide, is to help you rediscover your innate life force, Sacred Energy. A fundamentally ability that once unlocked from the shadows of your psyche, gives you the power to be your own healer, to detox and purge old fears, traumas and anxieties arising from within you. Meaning quite honestly, with love and gratitude, i do not wish to see you return for additional help. WE ARE all equally as powerful as such i wish nothing more than to witness my bothers and sisters standing in the strength of their own power, looking to themselves as the source of their miracles in life. This is an integral process for the continuation of consciousness.

I accomplish this by shifting my frequency to the reality where you are healed, where all self imposed beliefs are released, including blockages and traumas, superimposing the frequency imprint of your future or alternative reality self to you in your current vibrational state (reality). I Am only the facilitator, you will experience shifts, sensations, emotions, and physiological detox crisis, depending on your current state. At this point you will have the free will to choose to hold onto that which was rattled up to the surface or release it, accepting and claiming your new vibration. A massive energetic shift is expected to occur during & after the first session. 

How do I find an authentic Energy Healing practitioner?

Do your part, diligently, manifest with your law of attraction power, a teacher "who walks their talk". 

A positive affirmation also shifts you to the right reality; "I AM grateful for learning energy healing with anyone that aligns to my highest good, so mote it be"

What is authentic to you? Write out a list of what you feel aligns or your intuition is tell you to search out, write down as well the cons, the signs you will acknowledge and avoid no matter what. Both are equally as important. Defining this clearly to your universe allows it to manifest quicker, easier and will result your desired intentions when setting forth on this quest. 


Are there an side effects to Sacred Energy sessions?

Happiness, joy laughter, inspiration Love & gratitude, self-love, enchantment, power, strength, courage, playfulness, confidents, bravery, wisdom, patients, understanding.....

Moving and procession through your 'uncomfortable zone' of life experiences can either be enjoyable or painful and fearful. This is a matter of perspectives, I only direct focus to which i personally enjoy which is the the above aforementioned words. Everything else is noise and distraction on a path of healing. 

You will have side effects.. the question really is, will you choose love & gratitude as the response or a lower frequency of experience? 

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