Hello Co-Creators,

On March 16th, 2020 I channelled a message for Humanity:

     A Divine female spirit guide approached me offering a 23-gram Gold chain, spiralled and twisted, highly similar to DNA helix, she advised me, “this is what you are searching for, this is what all light warriors are seeking”. Briefly, I felt the

“Chains” strength and pure love energy, quickly awakening, hearing a voice say, “DNA connects tightly together forming a 23 base pair chromosome, all will gleam radiant white light. a spontaneous metamorphosis’s, shifting you into 5D reality”.


     A meditation shortly after unequivocally indicated an opportunity to participate in a quantum leap, Golden DNA Ignition event, collectively on April 7th, 11:11am. I am shown on this day an infinitely powerful vortex will unlock and engage within our DNA, climaxing its magnetic strength drawing forth whatever we direct our attention towards. As cocreatorrs we all have unique gifts that are to be utilized in times of great transformation for the greater good. Our ascension to 5D is here, mind your thoughts, humanity depends on it.



      I am petitioning for all that read this to please UNITE Global on April 7th,  presenting YOUR individual unique talents for the evolution of humanity into 5D:
Sound Healing, Chanting, Reiki, Distance Reiki, Mediation, Energy work, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance, Singing, Drums, Group and Personal Trainers, Aerobic instructors, Motivational speakers, Writers, Servitude, Healing Arts, Shamans, Musicians, Medicine Women/Men and Indigenous wisdom keepers, WHATEVER your talent, please coordinate to this day.


     *I will contribute a free live stream Sound Healing Mediation on this day at 11:11 CST via Instagram and Facebook

I am calling for ALL facilitators of Sound/Music/Mediation/Yoga to join me, to synchronize collectively in demonstrating humanities desire to reclaim their birthright as powerful co-creators. Vibrating infinite abundance of Love & Gratitude, healing and peace, throughout the entire Cosmos, for all earthly and non-earthly beings, known and unknown, animals, plants, planets and Gaia to witness our highest state of consciousness; LOVE.


​      Please consciously and actively express: Gratitude, Love, Compassion, Healthy Eating, Self-Love, Joy, Mindfulness, Happiness, Bliss, Oneness, Faith, Positivity and Servitude this day.


      If I may suggest to those restricted due to worldly circumstances or lacking sufficient internet, tend to a garden, offer a flower or plant to a neighbour, offer water with your highest vibrational intention to Trees, Plants, Animals, Nature. Plant a seed, transplant a plant/tree to new pot symbolically creating the new world you wish to see. Ask loved ones to join you, or form communal small groups. Everyone can choose to contribute in their own personal way.

Thank you to all Being’s who choose to celebrate the Golden DNA Ignition with humanity.


Love, Gratitude and Abundance

William McGirr