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Breathe Authenticity

with William Mcgirr


2-week Breath Work immersion

Embark with William, on a journey of embracing your Authenticity, your greatest superpower. An expression of self, infinitely captivating, fueling your magnetic 'law of attraction' in life, manifesting your wildest dreams.

Your Breath and Intention will be your most powerful allies when commencing your Authenticity ritual, aligning your body, mind, and soul through sessions of breath work, yin yoga, 432hz sound healing, Sacred Energy sessions (reiki), shamanic drumming music, guided meditations, and spiritual & physiological education.

Immerse yourself in 6 - 3 hour sessions (18+ hours) over the course of 2 weeks with like-minded individuals, discovering a community, together breathing inspirational, transformational, purposeful lifeforce energy into your realities. You will harness the synergistic power of yoga and learn to relax muscles, fascia, and ligaments surrounding strategic energy meridians encompassing the perineum, sacral spinal section, solar plexus, and kidneys, opening your energetic channel to Heart/Thymus chakra, and Pineal and Pituitary chakra regions in your universe. Journal your experience, share it with the group, or simply lie in blissful gratitude for honoring your body as we seal the ritual of each practice chanting, and experiencing the enjoyment of tea and healthy foods.

Who is, and what is your Authentic Self, are you curious?

You are ready?
let's Inspire-inhale together,
Take your leap of faith and allow miracles and abundance to enter your life now...

Initiate your inner magic of limitless potential, enchantment, mystery, self-acceptance, and self-love crafting with the power of Air, your breath playfully, a new body, mind, and soul, among strangers. new friends... Family.


No prior experience is required.
Suitable for beginners, moderate, and advanced breath practitioners

I am happy to answer any questions you can email me or message me on telegram @

for a faster response. 

Cost $377

6 Classes

   a. Each Class is 3 hours+ in duration

   b. Taught over a 2-week period

 What do I need to bring?

   a. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing

   b. Brush your teeth

   c. No perfumes, hairspray, or fragranced deodorants 

   d. I suggest only Fruits on the day of Breathwork


    a. Breathe Authenticity is available in your city, please contact me to arrange

    b. Online: N/A


What's Included?

   > 6 breath work practices

   > 6 yin yoga sessions 

   > Sound therapy - 423hz Crystal Bowls

   > Sacred energy adjustments (An advanced form of Reiki)
   > Discover your tribe!

   > Food, tea, water *

   > 2-hour lecture, Physiological benefits & unintentional positive Spiritual side-effects

   > Guided Meditations for your Inner child, shadow self, and Authentic Soul self

   > Learn Pressure Pumps techniques to stimulate/decalcify the Pineal Gland

   > Breath Retention Timing and initiation

Health Benefits

   > Re-Discover your Authentic Higherself

   > Explore your connection with subtle energies, Earth, plant, and animal kingdom

   > Manually stimulate your Thymus Gland, the "high Heart", healing your body with natural DMT

   > Explore altered states of consciousness

   > Build your Confidence, self-worth, self-love 

   > Connect to your "Love for Life" energy

   > Re-discover your Passions, Hobbies, Playfulness, Dreams, and Ambitions

   > Reignight your Creative lifeforce energy

   > Heal Ancestral and multi-reality traumas, limiting belief patterns, worthiness blockages 

   > Increases Creativity, Inspiration, Intuition

   > Strengthening of the Immune system

   > Detox old stagnant Emotional, Mental, Sexual, and Traumatic energy

   > Improve Mental Health

   > Manage Stress and Anxiety

   > Detox the Lymphatic system

   > Energize and heal your body with Oxygenated blood

   > Reduce Pain, Inflamtion

   > Manage Depression, PTSD, COPD  

   > Increase muscle tone

   > Improve digestion

   > Manage Obesity

   >  Expell Mucus  

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