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William Mcgirr

 William Mcgirr Psychic Medium at

Two Peacocks

Founder & CEO

"Within your greatest fears of others' judgments, you will rediscover your soul's love for life."


Media & Press

Hi, my name is William the founder of Two Peacocks. I Am a Psychic Medium, Speaker, Educator, and Leader rooted in all my passions in life. Since 5 years old I've experienced "supernatural" experiences. Throughout my life, I've used these gifts toward my life's passions and entrepreneurial ventures, honoring my natural state of existing publicly was intensely suppressed by fears of others' judgments. A powerful imaginary cage of limitation, which is no longer co-created by myself.

I've always honored my gifts, generally in private or with individuals I believed shared the same interest or beliefs, recently seeing how ignorant most are to their own abilities, and believing the statement to "lead by example" I am standing in my power and what drives immense curiosity through my life, with the intention for others to rediscover their inner strength and self-worth exploring the unknown to happiness.

All actions and experiences I partake in are rooted in my "6th sense" If you too are mesmerized by everything supernatural or have a hint of curiosity about the craft of rediscovering your Psychic talents, you can check out my blog posts, where I share a lot of my personal experiences, realizations, setbacks, and inspirations.


I am a world traveler of 47 countries acquiring a wealth of experience to draw upon in my practice. He is a health nut since almost dying, a detox specialist, yoga teacher, and speaker, and has a great interest in psychic mediumship, tarot, magic, occult, and witchcraft. He has also designed and created his own style of energy healing called Sacred Energy, a highly evolved form of Reiki. He is dedicated to helping all new friends who cross his path Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

My core alignment in life centers around love & gratitude, miracles & abundance. Key frequencies that open my heart's energy to creativity and fascination with ancient wisdom, magic, Psychic Mediumship, legendary myths, the paranormal, Energy Healing, Star Beings, alternative realities or spaces of existence, and holistic healing techniques.

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