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William Mcgirr

 William Mcgirr Psychic Medium at

Two Peacocks

Founder & CEO

"Within your greatest fears of others' judgments, you will rediscover your soul's love for life."


My name is William mcgirr, I AM a Spiritual & Holistic Health advocate, Psychic Medium, Speaker, Educator, and Thought Leader. I created Two Peacocks to inspire and conjure magic within those seeking the 'unknown' in their life's journey. I made a wish during my Yoga teacher training in the south of India, to dedicate my life in helping others discover their limitless potential, their power and fire within themselves, and if lucky enough to meet my Twin Flame female counterpart to share and experience life with. 


Since I was a child I've experienced "supernatural" experiences, as i grew to the age of 13 most of them slipped into the background of life, fading, until eventually re-emerging following my practicing of Yoga, breath-work, fasting and connecting with nature. I've utilized my natural spiritual gifts throughout my life most of the time unaware of its guidance in all my entrepreneurial business ventures and question the authoritarian health system that failed to answer my basic questions when i was deathly sick. A passionate fire within me lead me to self-detox and heal from my sickness, sparking my interest into Naturopathic health realm. I certified in First aid and personal training, carrying onto Yoga, then fasting and detoxification leading to intensive study and research into foods and their origins. I seeked to find the best healing modalities possible traveling the world, Frankincense of Oman, Myrrh of Yemen, 432hz perfect pitch singing bowls from asia, Plant medicines from peru, fruit and vegetables from Mexico, panama, sri lanka.  Training along the way learning from other teachers, their wisdom, such as breath-work in Bali, Yoga in india, energy of water in japan and austria, importance of plant dietas from the shamans in pucallpa, energy healing in UK and scotland, and most importantly enjoying life's potential with food, culture, arts music and playfulness in all the stops along the way. Before i knew it i had traveled 47 countries, gratitude and appreciation does not even express my emotions of these experiences. Discovering my Authenticity is beyond words, definition, explanation, it is everything, 

I know offer Sacred Energy Training (an advanced non limiting form of Reiki), Breathwork workshops, Psychic Mediumship sessions, Yoga, sound healing, nutritional education, fasting guidance and protocols, specialized astrology mapping and more through Two Peacocks. I wish to see the estate one day be supported by like minded individuals, guest, friends and family, a self-sustaining spiritual & holistic wellness estate were everyone finds their truth and inner power to thrive and co-create the life of their dreams. 


Love & gratitude, miracles & abundance



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