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Psychic Mediumship

What is Psychic Mediumship?


Intuition is magical, Psychic Mediumship is intuition, 6th sense is intuition... all the same.

We Are all gifted with this ability, though only a few develop and honor the required lifestyle to coherently convey messages accurately. Our Souls are always helping, guiding, and leading us to our deepest desires, our love for life, enchantment, mystery, Joy, and happiness, to be captivated by what we can create in our lives. 
Understand how powerful you truly are, we are all one sharing the same source of energy chopping it up with whatever limiting belief programs we have chosen to grow through.  


Psychic Mediumship is existing throughout history in all realities and spaces of existence. The practice of psychic mediumship was interwoven with medicine in the ancient past. At some point (Chruch and patriarchal transition) influenced the division of this practice. Witch hunts or the great reset of the 1600s when the taboo topic of the mud floods and modern unified culture societies of Tartaria thrived. 

Around this era, societies' connection within themselves was demonized and degraded, those who remember the old ways and honor it would stand out as extraordinary beings.

The amnesia slumber that has plagued Earth's human beings is lifting, we are witnessing an exponential evolution take place in real-time, it's 2023 currently. Many of you reading this are well on your way to recreating your reality to suit your inner urges, to form a new Earth recognizing your gifts of mediumship, visioning, channeling, clairvoyance, etc. 

Focus, awareness, trust, and determination is the catalyst between a highly connected vs broken telephone Medium. The craft of higher-frequency communication requires consistent practice. when people state they are a firefighter, for example, in our collective consciousness it seems quite limiting, and the energies surrounding it are very defined and clear as to what should be expected. primarily because it is linked directly to interacting with physical reality. When I say I am i psychic medium, understand that everyone is a psychic medium, it's an inherent state of your soul, to be connected with your higher self, god, source, lifeforce energy, ki, and chi, these all mean the same thing, thus identifying with a title that allows a connection to my higher self to project an unlimited perspective into my co-creation of life seems more fitting, free flowing, nonrestrictive. when a practice to honor this alignment ensures one can use it to be a "professional" at anything, as many do, but they lack the self-worth to understand that their talent is a form of psychic mediumship, or understanding how to connect with their higher self, their greater mind, to gather and create a solution they wish to see. 



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Psychic Mediumship Reading

How to practice Psychic Mediumship


Find your permission slip. 

What action or object when you focus on inherently vibrates within you saying this will work with non of doubt or down talking voices, this is stupid, dumb, I am crazy, I hope no one sees this, etc are forms of self-judgment and create blockages that you will most certainly overcome with patients, love & gratitude, and trust.

When you go through and discover what tools might be best for you, the one that draws the most attention, that you can't stop thinking about, or feel is right, generally is. may not be the final stepping stone but it's a start. Understand and remember talents you had as a kid, your affinity to certain places, objects, or things, and what captivated you from the age of 5-11. Ask your, parents, to sit in meditation and ask yourself, remember, and choose to reexplore this openly without judgment, doubt, or preconceived notions created by parents, friends school training, etc. No matter what you do, do not ask someone else opinion on whether you could be something or not, you are what you choose to be. external validation leads to miserable unfulfilled lives. 

Naturally, as we quiet our surrounding noise and distractions by eliminating social media, TV, radio, music, newspapers, and fiction books we are left to only focus on ourselves for inspiration and voice. 

Connect with the land you live on, a walk in a park, gym exercise, hiking, yin yoga, rock climbing, swimming, hugging a tree, planting flowers or herbs or seeds, or any activity that involves Earth's lifeforce energy. I am grateful myself for the land Two Peacocks' is currently situated on. If you live in a city, find a close by park, find a favorite tree and sit against it, meditate, or watch the birds, or events that unfold around it. 

I will be sharing life experiences, practices, and thoughts on psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, tarot, run, astral traveling, meditation, magic, occult, angel numbers, electro culture, and other related topics in more detail on my Blog if you wish to be notified subscribe!

If you are full of questions please do not hesitate to contact me, would love to help and share my experiences when appropriate. 

Booking Session Basics

Cost: for Psychic Mediumship Session: $169

Session are 60 minutes

Phone Reading:

> Regular Phone or What's App, Signal, Zoom, Telegram call

   * Clients are required to call William at the scheduled booking time @ 1-647-300-8494

> In Person Sessions are possible while I Am traveling globally.

   * Divine timing is real, if our Universes' align, we can meet during my travels, I love to meet fellow Beings and new friends!

   * Arrangements can be scheduled for me to travel to your city for 1on1 sessions. Multiple sessions would need to be confirmed.           Conditions apply, please contact me if interested. 


>will be made at the time of booking. Please note, online is set up to handle Credit card payments only. 

       > Canadian Clients 

          a. Cash 

          b. E-Transfer (EMT)

          c. wire transfer,

          d. direct deposit money order

       > Alternative payment methods for International Clients

         a. Mail Cash

         b. Mail Certified/Bank Draft cheque, money order

         c. Wire Transfer

         d. *Alternative Payment methods are available, please contact us to arrange

*Payment must be received and confirmed PRIOR to the session. For additional information please see Terms & Conditions* 


> Cancellations: please see the terms & conditions. 

Psychic Mediumship FAQ's

Q. Are in-person readings more accurate than phone readings? 

     No. Dimensional distance, time, and space are illusionary constructs of our physical realm. All is connected, all is Henosis. However! frequency distractions are real. An authentic psychic medium would arrange proper preparation for Intentions, set, and setting before and during the session. I offer a specialized session called Henosis, which means Oneness in Greek, to effectively connect intimately with my client's energy firstly, providing healing, chakra attunements, auric adjustments and gently massage into blockages stemming from conditional programming, fears, and ancestral inheritance, naturally progressing into a psychic mediumship reading. 

Q. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

     Everything in this universe is meaningless, having the human free will experience can choose what a definition means by creating it ourselves or excepting someone else's suggestion, or, interruption. In my mind, its the same thing, psychics and mediums both communicate with energies, and some forms may differ, but the energy is fundamental the same, its source energy, is manifested in XYZ, if you search beyond the illusionary reality, you will come to the obvious conclusion that all things are interwoven, interconnected with a harmony of love, or Ohm frequency. visually represented as a tetrahedron shape at its base structure. An energy that can be anything. 

Have you heard of Buddha loving everyone? Jesus loving everyone? they see source energy in all being no division. 

To define thee, will create thee, beautiful in its raw form of human exploration, though limits me and for all that I am capable of becoming. Communicating with plants, trees, passed loved ones, ancestors, Star beings, and Earth, it's all the same, it's our natural state of resonance, that which all beings can and will eventually evolve into and experience. 

Q. How legit is Psychic Mediumship?

      How legit? Without it, you would not be experiencing this reality. 

We are spiritual beings having the human experience, I am sure many of you have heard this saying. 

The Sacred Energy of all creation resonates in all sentient beings, animals, trees, plants, rocks, dirt, water, and everything. A psychic medium is a fancy name for someone who takes the time to question synchronicities, anomalies, and "strange" occurrences around them. Those who sit with their fears, work with plant medicines, and intensely focus on a task at hand, all are tuning into psychic mediumship.

First-hand experience seems to be the most eye-opening, the profound catalyst for most people, if you are a skeptic I encourage you to take time to meditate, find stillness, practice yin yoga, and eliminate oils, acid, and protein-rich foods, eat Fresh electrical foods and watch your energy patterns change. Dreams will increase and on one level dreams can be considered a form of psychic mediumship. 

Reach out if you have questions further on this matter. 

Q. Why hasn’t my loved one ever come through with a message for me?

      There can be many reasons for such an occurrence. If previous psychic mediumship sessions with anyone have occurred it can simply mean you are to focus on yourself and what brings you joy. from my experience, the only time this occurs is when there is a great deal of stress or worry and fear of the unknown. How can I help with this? Read the following Q&A.

Q. How should I prepare for my visit to get the most out of it?

      Prepare your questions thoroughly, with great focus, emotion, curiosity, and playfulness (even in the hard times, our free will allows us to choose to see the negative or the positive, there always is a silver lining). Have a bath or show if time permits. Meditate, and practice some yin yoga. Chanting Ohm helps open one up as well. Any practice that brings peace to you, calms you down, gardening, or park walking for example. The more grounded you are in your energy the easier it can interrupt your frequency and communicate with your higher self and guides.

Q. Is Psychic Mediumship a form of entertainment?

      No. Traditionally this stance was adopted in the USA due to fears of legal prosecution directly allowing persecution. If any practitioner or master of a craft is quietly operating in a state of fear, this disharmony will transmute and reform your reading. Any form of defining and restricting is a blocking of energy. Be mindful of individuals or groups who state this anywhere. Psychic mediumship is an innate state of frequency and completely natural, an ability all humans have access to. Essentially everyone will eventually experience this vibrational frequency. 

Q. What are the Tools of Psychic Mediumship, Clairvoyance, and Magic?


      Throughout millennia, practitioners of the mystical arts have resorted to utilizing tools to intensify their focus, opening a connection to our source energy and allowing the answers they seek to present themselves however are most receptive to the medium.

> Our Minds, Hearts, and Emotionsin my opinion, are the foundational bedrock of all mystical practices, supernatural or paranormal in appearance. Crafting and mastering a harmonization between these 3 I would argue to the most important 'tool' for the Craft. 


> Psychic Mediumship tools such as Tarot cards, Ouija boards, and Crystal balls I can safely assume, are quite well-known mainly due to their popularization by the holy-wood (Hollywood) entertainment industry.

> Odin's Runes from the Norse, Viking era are less commonly known but are seemingly gaining popularity since 2020 due to social media and other modern social connective technologies. I find this fascinating, as many are consumed by the digital era, and the silver lining is shining through, awakening key individuals to ancient art forms of divination.

Have you rediscovered an interest this way? I am curious drop me a message or join my telegram group and share!

> Scurrying with the natural elements of our reality such as and not limited to Fire, Water, Clouds, smoke/mist, and stones are a key component for Psychic development and clairvoyance attunement, experience through a trance-induced meditative practice, allows the brain to synchronize to a higher frequency thus opening up a "channel" of opportunity for other energies


> Plant Medicines are another tool that allows one to connect to their higher mind some of the commonly known ones are Ayahuasca, Cannabis, and psychedelic mushrooms. If we look to ancient times this was quite common and sometimes highlighted that only beings of great dedication would partake in such rituals. Examples of this are the ancient Soma drink in the Persian region. Catacombs, the fire rituals of the Masa tribes. The oracle of Delphi is hypothesized to have situated herself near a source of gas which induced altered states of consciousness.

> Chanting Ohm, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Fasting, Breathwork, Earthing (grounding), shamanistic Plant & Tree 'dietas' (herbalism), practicing art or a hobby you love, traveling the world and seeing the subtle differences in people and places, and things, and brainstorming on why things are the way they are, leading you to intuitively tap into curiosity energy when traveling, thus a tool is an act of traveling. It is a matter of perspective, and what you are willing to allow to be your catalyst to embrace the forgotten, void, or unknown. 


> It's important to understand the "best Tool' is ultimately determined by the Mystical practitioner. Their passion and skillset or talent will arise through their DNA, ancestral lineage, and their soul's preemptive choice of life experiences for their current incarnation in our realm.


> As I discover and surrender to life's unknowns, and (some of the time) uncomfortable mysteries, my perspective through firsthand experiences has guided me to recognize that everything is fundamentally meaningless. As the powerful creator gods WE ARE, we traditionally have attributed our mystical talents and gifts to tools, or ritualistic practices as the key to activating our abilities. When really, we are those abilities, we are the tools, and coming to terms and accepting that WE ARE everything. 

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