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Psychic Mediumship

What is Psychic Mediumship?

Intuition is magical, Psychic Mediumship is intuition, 6th sense is intuition... all one in the same.

We Are all gifted with this ability, though only a few develop and honor the required lifestyle to coherently convey messages accurately. Our Souls are always helping, guiding, and leading us to our deepest desires, our love for life, enchantment, mystery, Joy, and happiness, to be captivated by what we can create in our lives. 
Understand how powerful you truly are, we are all one sharing the same source of energy chopping it up with whatever limiting belief programs we have chosen to grow through.  


Psychic Mediumship is existing throughout history in all realities and spaces of existence. The practice of psychic mediumship was interwoven with medicine in the ancient past. At some point (Chruch and patriarchal transition) influenced the division of this practice. Witch hunts or the great reset of the 1600s when the taboo topic of the mud floods and modern unified culture societies of Tartaria thrived. 

Around this era, societies' connection within themselves was demonized and degraded, those who remember the old ways and honor it would stand out as extraordinary beings.

The amnesia slumber that has plagued Earth's human beings is lifting, we are witnessing an exponential evolution take place in real-time, it's 2023 currently. Many of you reading this are well on your way to recreating your reality to suit your inner urges, to form a new Earth recognizing your gifts of mediumship, visioning, channeling, clairvoyance, etc. 

Focus, awareness, trust, and determination is the catalyst between a highly connected vs broken telephone Medium. The craft of higher-frequency communication requires consistent practice. when people state they are a firefighter, for example, in our collective consciousness it seems quite limiting, and the energies surrounding it are very defined and clear as to what should be expected. primarily because it is linked directly to interacting with physical reality. When I say I am i psychic medium, understand that everyone is a psychic medium, it's an inherent state of your soul, to be connected with your higher self, god, source, lifeforce energy, ki, and chi, these all mean the same thing, thus identifying with a title that allows a connection to my higher self to project an unlimited perspective into my co-creation of life seems more fitting, free flowing, nonrestrictive. when a practice to honor this alignment ensures one can use it to be a "professional" at anything, as many do, but they lack the self-worth to understand that their talent is in fact a form of psychic mediumship, or understanding how to connect with their higher self, their greater mind, to gather and create a solution they wish to see. 

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How to practice Psychic Mediumship

Find your permission slip. 

What action or object when you focus on inherently vibrates within you saying this will work with non of doubt or down talking voices, this is stupid, dumb, I am crazy, I hope no one sees this, etc are forms of self-judgment and create blockages that you will most certainly overcome with patients, love & gratitude, and trust.

When you go through and discover what tools might be best for you, the one that draws the most attention, that you can't stop thinking about, or feel is right, generally is. may not be the final stepping stone but it's a start. Understand and remember talents you had as a kid, your affinity to certain places, objects, or things, and what captivated you from the age of 5-11. Ask your, parents, to sit in meditation and ask yourself, remember, and choose to reexplore this openly without judgment, doubt, or preconceived notions created by parents, friends school training, etc. No matter what you do, do not ask someone else opinion on whether you could be something or not, you are what you choose to be. external validation leads to miserable unfulfilled lives. 

Naturally, as we quiet our surrounding noise and distractions by eliminating social media, TV, radio, music, newspapers, and fiction books we are left to only focus on ourselves for inspiration and voice. 

Connect with the land you live on, a walk in a park, gym exercise, hiking, yin yoga, rock climbing, swimming, hugging a tree, planting flowers or herbs or seeds, or any activity that involves Earth's lifeforce energy. I am grateful myself for the land Two Peacocks' is currently situated on. If you live in a city, find a close by park, find a favorite tree and sit against it, meditate, or watch the birds, or events that unfold around it. 

I will be sharing life experiences, practices, and thoughts on psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, tarot, run, astral traveling, meditation, magic, occult, angel numbers, electroculture, and other related topics in more detail on my Blog if you wish to be notified subscribe!

If you are full of questions please do not hesitate to contact me, would love to help and share my experiences when appropriate. 

Tools of Mediumship

Tools that allow a practitioner to tap into their higher mind, higher self, source energy, god, and angels, are generally essential in deconstructing our self-imposed barriers, or life lessons we chose to triumph over in this incarnation. 

Tarot Cards, Runes, and Crystal ball tools are quite well-known and linked to psychic mediumship.  


Fire & Water scurrying, and 

Ouija boards are attributed to the more commonly known tools, how about writers, musicians, painters, and nonscripted speakers?


How legit is Psychic Mediumship?

Every human avatar walking our reality is a product, of "Psychic Mediumship". Surrounding and allowing our intuition, creativity, passions, and enjoyment for life to shine through is a form of psychic mediumship.

How legit is it? without it, you would not be experiencing this reality. 

The Sacred Energy of all creation resonates in all things and all sentient beings, animals, and plants included.
Can you modify your connected ability to help or guide others? Well, Yes. If you are highly gifted at a certain skill, and you know what works for you due to your exploration of the development and you witness someone trying, and naturally you are urged to help them or guide them, this is psychic mediumship on one level. Now this can be a slippery slope of ego-induced worth, but generally, someone truly passionate about their craft intuitively can visualize how and where the student's obstruction is and assist. Most of the time this is recognized as "experience" when in actuality it's a form of Psychic Mediumship. 

If you would like to learn more about me, William, click over to my page and navigate freely. 

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