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Two Peacocks

A meditative walk, contemplating how to be of service to humanity, following signs, symbols, and clairvoyant nudges. A beautiful peacock appears next to a pond. Mesmerized, with a slight sensation of bliss, thinking "A Peacock" whats the meaning? Continuing further within moments witnessing a second Peacock, "two Peacocks", my ears rang, dizzy, chills and joy rushed through my system as I hear a voice, "a good name for a studio". A contemplation following the wonderfully bland food provided at the Sivananda Ashram, south India. 

And the rest is history.  

A short story of

Holistic Estate

Find your inspiration within

Join Two Peacocks today to transform your life. With a beautiful scenic layout, enjoy solitude, birds, pond swimming, workshops in self-development, self-discovery, energy healing, reiki, yoga, mediumship, nutrition, and personalized astrology: Soul X ~ Know thy Self.  Come explore the depths of your creation, and find out who you really are and what you are capable of. Evolution is happening, your foundation is set it is up to you to decide how high you want to explore it. You are more powerful than you know... 

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