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Two Peacocks

A short story of

A meditative walk, contemplating how to be of service to humanity, following signs, symbols, and clairvoyant nudges. A beautiful peacock appears next to a pond. Mesmerized, with a slight sensation of bliss, thinking "A Peacock" what's the meaning? Continuing further within moments witnessing a second Peacock, "two Peacocks", my ears rang, dizzy, chills and joy rushed through my system as I hear a voice, "A good name for a studio". A contemplation following the wonderfully bland food provided at the Sivananda Ashram, south India. This experience opened the door to my Psychic Mediumship reminding me of gifts I use to play with when a young child. From there I was drawn to Energy Healing, starting first with Reiki 

And the rest is history.  

Spiritual & Holistic Wellness Estate

Join Two Peacocks today to transform your life. With a beautiful scenic layout, enjoy solitude, birds, the wind, pond swimming, Sacred Energy sessions, workshops, and Psychic Mediumship.

Explore the depths of your creation, find who you truly are within, and your limitless capabilities.

Estate Project Goal

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Donations are gratefully accepted. 
For Investor or partnership opportunity please Contact Two Peacocks

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