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Telekinetic Abilities - The Power of the Mind over Matter

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is one of the most discussed pseudosciences globally, a long-lost talent within the history of human evolution. The ability that allows the practitioner to interact with physical matters without any physical interaction. So, total sci-fi? How can someone achieve telekinesis ability? To understand the amazing game of mind surrendering. Let's discuss telekinetic abilities and how to rediscover this practice.

What Is Telekinesis Power

A telekinetic ability allows one to move objects that appear to be separate from them. Moving or manipulating them using one's mind. Someone with the ability of telekinesis can influence or control physical systems in non-physical ways, at a distance from the object.

Throughout time there are accounts of mystical individuals, with such powers. Recorded in ancient scriptures and storytime accounts from tribal elders. wondrous rumors of the ancients harness such power. Can this be true? is it really possible to achieve such a state of being? Two Peacocks is hosting a Guided Tour through Egypt later this year if this peaks your curiosity.

How to develop Telekinesis abilities

An intention is a good place to start. Trusting yourself that sooner or later through all the way you discover not to practice and develop your will by universal law in fact has fallen on your lap. The law of attraction is real, what you seek is seeking you. If you are drawn to such practices there is an innate reason as to why, your soul is poking you, and glimpses of potential frequencies from your higher being. A rabbit hole of wonders is on the horizon for you if you allow and surrender to the limitless possibilities. With the turning of energies as the great galactic clock ticks and the mass ejections of the sun, the changes that many are witnessing within themselves are setting the way for the connection to long last talents. The key is to believe in yourself and create space to allow such a development or experience to occur. try try try some more, until you rest and when you least expect it, boom the unbelievable is believable. This is the power of the mind over matter.

The evolution.... naw, time is an illusion forgo the traditional programming found in modern science and explanations and create your own reality. Founded in 2015, Two Peacocks is preparing to launch a course that will for some be life-changing and evolutionary, a holistic estate catering to the mundane and quitting on the back side to foster metaphysical development programs for the more serious apprentice. Other services they will offer include Sacred Energy a highly evolved modification of traditional reiki training, Psychic Mediumship, detoxification, fasting, and other related wellness services that can improve one's quality of life.

Surrender to your Unlimited potential, and discover your true self. Follow along on Williams Podcast for positive I AM affirmations, discussion, and important general life thoughts.

Join a movement within self-love.

I love you

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