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Soul X

with William Mcgirr


Know Thy Self


Coming soon...

No Astrology experience is required,

I am happy to answer any questions you can email me or message me on telegram @

for a faster response. 

Cost $ TBA



 What do I need to bring, and how do I prepare?



    a. Two Peacocks on google maps

    b. Soul X Know Thyself is available in your city, please contact me to arrange

    c. Online: N/A

The workshop includes the following:
   > TBA

Spiritual and Holistic benefits

   > Re-Discover your Authentic Higherself

   > Explore your connection with subtle energies, Earth, plant, and animal kingdom

   > Manually stimulate your Thymus Gland, the "high Heart", flooding your body with DMT

   > Explore altered states of consciousness

   > Build your Confidence, self-worth, self-love 

   > Connect to your "Love for Life" energy

   > Re-discover your Passions, Hobbies, Playfulness, Dreams, and Ambitions

   > Reignight your Creative lifeforce energy

   > Heal Ancestral and multi-reality traumas, limiting belief patterns, worthiness blockages 

   > Increases Creativity, Inspiration, Intuition


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