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Spirit Mediumship & Tarot

Spirit Mediumship, Tarot, Psychic, Intuitive

  • 1 hour
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Garson

Service Description

Is it Destiny? Has Fate arrived? Your Soul-Guides are waiting to answer your questions, you already know the answers hear the answers? Let's take this step together into the Void, the realm of no time, of infinite possibilities, and discover what you are trying to tell yourself? The most amazing life awaits you, align, believe and manifest. You can ask upto 3 questions of interest, and as many deeper into those primary as you wish. My name is william, I am a psychic-intuitive. Since I was 5 years old i've experienced what some refer to as super naturally experiences. Honestly it is a natural state of existence. in the recent years i've moved to honor my gift by sharing it with others and continue learning and developing it along the way. Understand THIS... - Any given moment there are billions of potential realities, if you choose to request guidance from me, you will get an answer, if you choose to change the effort, determination or energy towards whatever the desire is, your result will change and ultimately you've altered your path. This is important to understand and i explain it to all who venture across my path. You are the ultimate leader of your authority. Everything else presented to you from others, including myself is nothing more than a suggestion. A potential outcome can be altered or kept the same depending on your choices, energy and awareness. I have trained for over a decade to concentrate and center around love & gratitude, truth and miracles. I will not discuss or present "negative or doomsday outlooks" again, with an infinite amount of realities, and with our free will as creators we can choose Love or Fear. I am always about love. Trust me when i say, ill take no shit either. I love you all regardless, WE ARE, of the same source energy, Oneness. Love & Gratitude

Contact Details

  • Garson, MB, Canada


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