Sacred Reiki

What is possible with your body, mind and spirit?

Are you sensitive to peoples energies, environmental energies?

Can you sense sickness, imbalances or concerns in others without them knowing?

Do you have what it takes to push yourself to your limits to unlock abilities only seen in the movies or a far away hidden temple? 

Discover your true power, your inner innate abilities to heal yourself and others, and potentially unlock gifts you never believed possible. 
Learn what it takes to truly evolve your body, mind, spirit. 

Most programs, yoga, reiki, energy healers, alike do not encompass a totality of practices to pushed the envolpe of what is possible with our bodies. The teachings and lessons are based from my own experiences, travels, ceremonies, healing  


3 Days


($400 off)


  • Sacred Reiki Certificate

  • 2 Yin-Yoga sessions

  • 2 Yoga sessions

  • 2 Sacred Breath workshops

  • Meditations

  • Two Peacocks membership

  • Food, Berries, Fruits, Veggies

  • Herbal teas, coconut water, water

  • Follow up Q&A support

  • Reiki shares

  • Accommodations *limited

  • Special Guests

Residency Optional

  • Camping onsite is available

A traditional form of learn is through complete surrender, immersing oneself fully to a practice. Onsite residency allows participates to completely disconnect from the outside world.

Explore the property, discover the amazing energy vortex hidden throughout, cultivate a meditation practice of stillness - Yin, discover what the land reveals to you.

"Earthing" is required while here, always barefoot absorbing negative ionic Earth energies, the evening presents the opportunities to star gaze, let your imagination and creativity be your guiding spirit while staying on our land.


* Apprentice staying onsite will experience the following:

- Midnight grounding exercises

- Anti-Gravitational workshops (Yin energy)

- Midnight Reiki practice

- Silent meditations

- Yin Ceremony

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