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Sacred Energy


What is Sacred Energy? 

Sacred Energy X is a free-flowing, non-defined, and non-restrictive healing Love energy. One's awareness, intention, trust, and imagination are the only prerequisites to initiate this energy, to rediscover what powers lay deep within oneself. Powers that are malleable for healing thyself, fellow humans, plants, animals, and the very Earth we share. All efficient exchanges of energy are rooted in surrendering the ego, stepping out of a comfort zone, and shifting one's consciousness, awareness, and physical being into a reality, a space of infinite, unfathomable existence. An S.E. Apprentice will partake in multiple holistic disciplinary modalities, rediscovering how powerful 'they' truly are. The mystery between imagination and intuition will be explored and challenged. Metaphysical sensory potential will be synergistically infused between the body, mind, soul, and earth. 

Energy Healing origins:

The true origin of "energy healing" from its primordial form can not be stated definitively. What one does for another in a state of love, gratitude, and appreciation is our natural state of existence. We are all natural healers and engage with this energy unconsciously since birth, and debatably prior to. This energy is our essence, lifeforce, chi, ki, prana, the tetrahedron sacred geometric structure that creates the very fabric of physical reality, it is Love & Gratitude.
For any one person to claim or pronounce another as the source of pure love energy negating its presence within all, is either ignorant or new to the physical human experience, no hierarchy should ever be established to any one source which has egoically defined any energy, though it is beautiful, as this is creation itself in its individualistic expression, it limits an unlimited potential. The greatest teachers you will ever meet will empower you as your own savior, teacher, and leader, never standing to position themselves above or ahead of you, but with you as your equal. Jesus and buddha both taught this. Dr. Joe dispense and others alike teach this as well in our current timeline.

 'I AM', 'We Are' Sacred Energy

Is S.E. Apprentice training for you:

> Are you sensitive to people's energies?

> Environmental energies?
> Can communicate with animals or plants? 

> Are you drawn to Fire, water, earth, or stone? 

> Can you sense sickness, imbalances, or concerns in others without them knowing?
> Do you see auric fields around others or objects? 

> Have you ever experienced astral traveling, levitation, and telekinesis? 

> Can you see spiritual energy, and communicate with unseen entities, star beings? 

> Do you believe it is possible to activate codons/DNA to harness long-forgotten abilities?

> Feeling lost in life?

> Do you have a talent or skill not listed above, or searching for truth in life?  


S.E. Apprentice training is designed for those who are truly determined in exploring the depths of their reality and limitless potential. 

Be prepared to "push the envelope" ...

Signs are always around us, inviting us to go a little bit deeper into the unknown, this is your invitation, welcome to your new life.


Register today, embrace the present moment, and create the life you wish to experience.



International* training: YES


Please click the link below:

2 - International locations

Enter your city/town and country 

Sacred Exergy Exchange

~ Apprentice ~

   Cost $768    3 Days of Training

You will learn and experience:

> Sacred Energy Apprentice training
> Your unique hand placements 

> Sacred Breath workshop

> Nutrition basics

> Yoga flow & Yin yoga workshops

> Ascended Master beings guided meditation

> I Am Grateful, intentional manifestation practices

> Sacred 11th harmonic chanting practices

> Vision board creation

> Dosing Rods
> 'Earthing' how to ground thyself

> Entrepreneur business 101 as a Sacred Energy healer

What's included:

> Healthy Vegan food, snacks, fruits
> Electric water, H3O2, coconut water, and herbal teas

> Handouts relevant topics

> Apprentice Certificate 

> Follow up Q&A Support

> Two Peacocks life & spirit-time membership
> Love & Gratitude

Sacred Energy Apprentice locations:

1 - Primary: 

Two Peacocks Estate, Garson Mb, Canada

2 - International locations

Sacred Energy X - Apprentice workshop is taught in ALL COUNTRIES except the USA. Please click here to request a workshop local to your city or home. I am always experiencing life traveling the globe and would be delighted to teach all who are interested in self-mastery on my travels. 

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