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Psychedelic Breath

with William Mcgirr


Just Breathe. 

Psychedelic Breathe work is a raw simplistic breathwork session. 

No prior experience is required, it is suitable for advanced, long-term practitioners as well.

Show up, lay down, and breathe.

Cost $25


    a. Two Peacocks on google maps

    b. Online, Skype or Zoom

Psychedelic Breath includes the following:

   > All required props

   > Session Music

   > Water

   > Guided Meditations

   > Learn Pressure Pumps techniques to stimulate/decalcify the Pineal Gland

   > Discover your tribe!

Spiritual & Holistic Health benefits

   > Strengthening of Immune system; activating your Thymus gland

   > Detoxing old stagnant energy

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