How to Develop Telepathy – Unleash Your Psychic Ability

Telepathy is the direct method of transferring thoughts from the sender to the percipient without using any usual sensory communication channels. Renowned scholar and one of the Society for Psychical Research founders, Frederic W. H. Myers, first coined this term in 1882. Some parapsychological studies have already proved the existence of telepathy using card-guessing and other similar techniques. So, the question is, how can you develop telepathy and transmit thoughts, emotions, words, or even images to some other's mind? Below is your answer!!

Focus on Your Thoughts

The process of telepathy starts with tuning out your physical senses. You can try playing relaxing white noise on your headphones while wearing blackout goggles. Shifting your awareness away from the physical senses will help you focus intensely, which will eventually help to build telepathic communication with your percipient or receiver. Please note that both you and your receiver must practice this technique to turn off physical senses for a while. Sensory deprivation will help you focus on the process, or you may not get the expected result.

You can't master the art of telepathy without keeping your mind calm. Meditation is the best way to calm your mind, and therefore your time and efforts are required in practicing meditation. Regular yoga practice will also help you to stay relaxed and focused. You can try sending a telepathic message to the receiver once you are entirely focused and in a calm state. Both the sender and percipient need to clear their minds and feel relaxed for the best result.

Let's Begin Telepathic Communication

You can try sending a telepathic message once you get complete control over your thoughts. Now close your eyes and try to visualize the person who will receive the message. Just imagine that he is sitting in front of you. Now try to picture every detail of his body, like the color of his eye, height, body shape, hair, etc. After that, you have to imagine how it feels to communicate with the person. Try to experience the feeling when you interact with your receiver in person. Feeling these emotions is the key to creating a psychic connection with your receiver.

Now you have to think of an image or word that you want to transmit to the percipient's mind. For instance, you can imagine a tree and see as many details as possible using your mind's eye. Once you form the clear mental image of the subject, imagine it is traveling from your mind to the percipient. For this, picture yourself sitting in front of the percipient and telling him the word, i.e., "tree," in our case. Now notice the consciousness on his face using your mind's eye as he has understood the word you told him.

Finally, ask the percipient to write down what comes to their mind. Meanwhile, you also have to write the thought on a paper that you were trying to send. After that, check each other's results. People wondering how to learn telepathy should not feel bad if they fail to transmit clear telepathic messages in the initial periods. Just like everything else on earth, your telepathic skills will improve with practice and passion.

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