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Orgasmic Breath

with William Mcgirr


How Taboo and kinky can the realm of Breathwork go?  

Core-gasim (Physical orgasm) is a natural phenomenon that hits many with confusion, and anxiety, during certain physical exercises and intense lower, sacral abdomen contraction movements. 

Our bodies cycle every 29 days. 

The body does whatever it can to distract you from pushing beyond your known comfort zone, this can be mental, subconscious, emotionally stored energies and traumas, and physical blockages of mucus, fats, parasites, worms, and in some cases scar tissue. 

This practice is one aspect of the known kundalini energy, rising of the serpent, the climbing of Santa-"clausum" back to the brain to be reborn after the Christos oils "christ" from the pituitary and pineal gland have been secreted. This NATURAL monthly cycle happens in every human body, sometimes it may be blocked or suppressed.

Sexual energy stagnation is detrimental to human health.


Orgasmic breath manually pumps this fluid through the channels in the spinal region up to the heart center and the Pineal gland region of the brain. I have come to recognize through ejaculation retention practices that two fluids come out for men and one for women. This fluid mixes with the sperm seed or can be retained and only the fluid will evacuate. Woman ejaculate as well, since the egg generally stays in the uterus until the modern understanding of "period" occurs, why has no one ever questioned what the other sexual fluid is and where does it come from? 


This fluid is the energy of life, the returning of the light back to the heavens - your mind, pituitary, and pineal gland to be reborn, healed, and cleansed of all degeneration. This is the game of life. the alchemical process of the human body to experience higher states of consciousness.


In-person: $30

Online: $19.99


   a. Two Peacocks on google maps (in-person)

   b. Skype or Zoom (Online) 



Orgasmic Breath 
  > Breath till orgasm 15-30 mins 

   > Onsite participants have access to any required props

   > Ground Root and Sacral chakra music

   > In-person participants can receive adjustments and positioning alignments to lock in and engage the sacrum

   > Food, tea, water

   > Guided verbal (NON-physical) assistance nearing the time of kundalini energy rising

   > Post-guided Meditation

   > Detox old stagnant sex energy, release unpent anger and aggression

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