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We Are Oneness

Henosis Etymology

Henosis; Greek origin meaning "oneness", "union" or "unity".  A unification with what is fundamental in our reality. Body, Mind Soul, and Earth. 

Henosis session

Firstly we started connecting with each other's energy, 

90 minutes  Sacred Energy telepathic alignment and psychic mediumship reading.


How often have you gone to mediums only to walk away empty-handed, or with vague generalized responses to questions that leave you as confused?

The intention and energy are used to open my fellow humans to their gifts, to bring into alignment energies they are following or recognizing, the same energy that created the initiative for them to seek out spiritual guidance. 

Awaken your innate mystical, supernatural abilities. Are you a psychic, empath, clairvoyant, or Clairaudient? Did you experience events as a child that were dismissed by parents or hidden out of fear? Encoded in your DNA is your limitless potential to shift into any reality you wish to experience.

How? Belief, trust, and discipline.

Is henosis different than Sacred energy session? 


ARE YOU READY, to step outside of the box you played in your entire life?

Every single human is capable to rediscover their dormant sacred abilities, unique to them and their journey through the creation of their life.

This includes clairvoyances, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, clairaudience, clairsentience, magical, and enchanting, we only need to choose to believe this and so mote it be. 

I will help you Awakening to your own innate mystical, supernatural abilities you were born with. 

IT's ALL YOU, not me, haha, believe me when I say this, this opportunity rests within you, when you step out of your own way, removing limiting beliefs, fears, ancestral or cultural beliefs, and simply surrender to what 

How does it work?

There are 7+ billion humans exploring physical creation, thus there are a minimum of 7+ billion foundational realities being created at this moment. In my reality, my space of existence, i see everyone as my equal, i believe all are walking in this highest truth, honoring their heart's voice and promptings for life, thus those who find this message and choose to explore an expansive intimate aspect of themselves, will cross my path when they are vibrating and manifesting in my reality, or very close to it. The energy i emit into your empathic field, emotional and physical fields will attune your physical body so I can see you in the light i believe we all are, which is miraculous, gracious, loving, captivating expressing a love for life. 

derstanding how to connect with their higher self, their greater mind, to gather and create a solution they wish to see. 

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