Our Goal

We are creating the world we wish to see.

Generating wealth, abundance, enchantment, vitality, love and gratitude for our kids and future generations.

Collection: 10,000 Deflationary ROI NFTs. Characterized artful peacocks, baby peacocks, wizards and star beings, with100’s of customizable traits. Unlocking exclusive lifetime access to both meta-physical estate(s), voting rights, festivals and monetary yielding rewards via smart contacted web4/web5 staking and randomized minting.

Goal: Generate wealth, abundance, love and happiness for our community members, whilst supporting sustainability, permaculture, earth, kids education and bee rehabilitation.

ROI NFTs: Staked and randomly minted NFTs will grant ownership of fruit trees, berry bushes and other TP assets, earning members up to 99% of net profits.

Evolution NFTs: NFTs rewards will increase as our business model grows.

Community Member Voting: Real-World and metaverse developments; food forest acquisitions, meta-lands, product development, hosted festivals will all be agreed upon by members via decentralized governance on Web4/Web5 voting system.