"I AM" is a powerful frequency for self manifestation,"We Are" is an amplifier of this creation.

William Mcgirr, Founder

A short story of

Two Peacocks

A meditative walk, contemplating how to be of service to humanity, following signs, symbols, clairvoyant nudges. A beautiful peacock appear next to a pond. Mesmerized, with a slight sensation of bliss, thinking "A Peacock" whats the meaning. Continuing further within moments witnessing a second Peacock, "two Peacocks", ears ringing, dizzy, chills and joy rushed my system as i hear a voice, "good name for a studio". A contemplation following the wonderfully bland food provided at the Sivanada Ashram, south India. 

And the rest is history.

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Evolve, serve, be the example you wish to see.

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