Yin Yoga & Breathing Workshops


William is certified in; Naturopathy, Yoga, Reiki, PT and currently educating in herbalism and iridology.

He is an advocate for individual health, join him today to discover how powerful your own innate healing abilities are. Cultivating a practice of self love; Yin Yoga & Breathing, will detoxify, revitalize ones body, restoring homeostasis.

You are as powerful as you can imagine...


Continuing: October-December 2020

Time: No Set time, participant(s) schedule will  determine session date and time

  1. Yin Yoga: 90-120 minutes

            Long holds, Slow movement = Deep stretching. William will guide you through a safe releasing of your dense myofascial (connective) tissue, one aspect of your electrical muscle system capable of storing stress, pain and metabolic waste.

An efficient, consistent yin practice will dramatically strength your body, heal numerous medical complications and most importantly release stored energetic traumas, allowing for the strongest immunity system possible to develop.


  2. Breathing: 90-120 minutes

            Wearing relaxed comfortable clothing and an optional eye blind William guide his fellow humans through what will feel like an evolution breathing practice. A healthy practice focusing your energy on your abdomens and lungs (the pumps of the lymphatic system), to clear out stagnation in the body whilst oxygenating deep tissues, organs and glands their bodies. A powerful detoxification, energy reviving evolutionary practice, one which will leave the participate feeling 100% blissed out.  


Mats, bolsters, ropes, water, tea and discussions all included.

William's practice of Naturopathy has commenced and is happy to announce the possibility for new consultations.

Are YOU ready to manifest a Healthier you?


William McGirr, N.P.

C: 647-300-8494

Love & Gratitude