Real-World Tokenized


Collection: 10,000 Deflationary ROI NFTs. Characterized artful peacocks, baby peacocks, wizards and star beings, with100’s of customizable traits. Unlocking exclusive lifetime access to both meta-physical estate(s), voting rights, festivals and monetary yielding rewards via smart contacted web4/web5 staking and randomized minting.

Goal: Generate wealth, abundance, love and happiness for our community members, whilst supporting sustainability, permaculture, earth, kids education and bee rehabilitation.

ROI NFTs: Staked and randomly minted NFTs will grant ownership of fruit trees, berry bushes and other TP assets, earning members up to 99% of net profits.

Evolution NFTs: NFTs rewards will increase as our business model grows.

Community Member Voting: Real-World and metaverse developments; food forest acquisitions, meta-lands, product development, hosted festivals will all be agreed upon by members via decentralized governance on Web4/Web5 voting system.

Our Goal

We are creating the world we wish to see.

Generating wealth, abundance, enchantment, vitality, love and gratitude for our kids and future generations.

Two Peacocks

Real-world investment + Metaverse + NFTs

Coming soon...

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