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Psychic Mediumship & Energy Healing Services

Welcome, Two Peacocks is currently offering Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, and Sacred Energy healing services.

Are you confused about life? Suffering from a disease? Wish to connect to a loved one who passed? Pain in the body? Are thoughts getting out of control? Wild emotional dreams? 

All forms of Psychic Mediumship require trust, discipline, and dedication by the spiritual advisor and the querent following any reading, I've dedicated my life secretly to my craft, always using my gifts and abilities to strengthen my positions in business, hobbies, relationships, and evolution. After years of treating myself and suppressing my gifts and talents out of fear of judgment from others, I am offering them to those who come seeking guidance, to uplift, inspire, teach, motivate, and support their human (or star being) journey.

I want you to experience a love for life, unconditional love for yourself, bliss, freedom, curiosity, joy happiness, and whatever enchanting miraculous feelings you wish for. Discover more in my Blog post.


My name is William, since I was a child I've walked this Earth sensing and knowing things others seemingly overlook. Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Rune, occult magic, and wizardry are all innate passions that fuel my love for life, that which I am choosing to now share with the universe in the highest Truth, Love & Gratitude, Miracles & Abundance. A journey that has guided the foundational creation of Two Peacocks.

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Psychic Mediumship Reading

Our minds are a doorway to freedom or a cage to dwell in. When listening patiently, quietly in stillness, all answers to life's mysteries are revealed. Psychic Mediumship Readings are offered by myself, William Mcgirr, a practitioner of many psychic crafts since the age of 7, consciously. My discipline and dedication to a holistic human journey has provided me the confidence and trust to offer such services, from a frequency of highest truth, love & gratitude, miracles & abundance. ​Law of Resonance, the law of harmony, as I AM your reflection, WE ARE one, what you seek is seeking you, allow me to help you find your answers.

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Sacred Energy Healing

The Path of least resistance. Freedom.

Sacred Energy Healing encompasses a holistic body, mind, soul, and earth synergy. A collaborative harmonization of earth energies and our own intentional energies to manifest a desired outcome. Some call this magic, witchcraft, wizardry, and even "spooky action at a distance". The only difference between occult magic and science is time. The illusionary parameter of our greatly unknown reality of existence raddles those in a stagnant comfort zone upon its realization, and our universe spontaneously intervenes, allowing an opportunity to explore life outside of the box, from a new perspective.

Are you ready to heal?

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Sacred Energy Healing

Psychic Mediumship precautions:

When We Are choosing our future potential realities, the utmost diligence in our personal daily habits is essential. The odd phenomenon of dismissing our determination, effort, focus, and awareness towards a certain goal or outcome in life, following Psychic Mediumship advice ALWAYS, alters a journey's unfoldment thereafter.

Pretty simple right? Not quite.

In the midst of the excitement or trail and tribulations of life, even the best of us allow the quite intuitive voice within us to take the back seat. Any Psychic Medium, Tarot card reader, spiritual conduit, occult divination, a curator of Soul destinies, is solemnly responsible for articulating to the seeker clearly and confidently.

Have you sought out spiritual guidance previously? Was this explained? 

Let me ask you, how many future possibilities do you have right now? 

Write this down.

I would like to share my own thoughts on this at this moment, as many of you know, because you are all brilliant, as two "individual" souls come together there is an exchange of energy, a harmonious attunement between them both. The synchronicity of lifeforce energy matches up. Whether known or not they are now subject to the other near-limitless potential realities, their hopes, wishes, and dreams. In my reality, there are billions of potential realities at any given moment, yes, some hold more strength than others due to previous life choices and elected life lessons one chose to play with, prior to their incarnation. Though nonetheless, billions of opportunities a second. So what happens when we separate? What if you head back to your comfort zone with a new perspective outcome, or confirmation whereas prior you were unsure, now you know, and you decide to sleep in longer? Maybe stop going to the gym those extra days, watch a movie, and socialize more frequently? What happens?

All those instantaneous actions, the deviations away from your focus, centeredness, your awareness, have now dramatically altered your reality of experience. Listen in on my Podcast. to hear more in-depth details on this. 

The importance of discipline post reading from Psychic Mediumship, occult practice, tarot reading, spiritual guidance, wizardry, witchcraft, magic, and mysticism is to one, set aside what was said knowing it is coming to pass with all faith and trust, but most importantly, to keep your awareness intensely focused on what it is you wish to see in your life, feel the energy infinity stronger, knowing with all confidence and trust it is happening for you, by you. You did just get a Psychic reading, right? A confirmation? Then why else would we act otherwise, simply put, a skilled discipline most quickly drops in our quantum speed lifestyle choices most make.

If you wish to learn more click here Psychic Mediumship.

What did you write down moments ago? Infinity yes?

Obviously, you are all beautiful geniuses with the same source of energy

From experience comes knowledge, if determined enough to identify this imbalance and address it, it then evolves into wisdom. Need experience and want to co-create your wisdom?

Join Two Peacocks for their next Sacred Guided Tours excursion, through the tropical lush Nile region of Egypt, immersing primal Sacred Energy in a core location on Earth.

How do I slow down to see the magic at the moment and learn to seize these opportunities? 

Learn more regarding Sacred Energy sessions & training.

Questions? I love questions, contact us.

I Love you. 

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Miracles are happening...

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