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Shamanism & Holistic Wellness

Shamanic healing, Psychic Mediumship, Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Energy 'Reiki', DNA Activation and Community

All forms of Psychic Mediumship require trust, discipline, and dedication by the spiritual advisor and the querent following any reading, I've dedicated my life secretly to my craft, always using my gifts and abilities to strengthen my positions in business, hobbies, relationships, and evolution. After years of treating myself and suppressing my gifts and talents out of fear of judgment from others, I am offering them to those who come seeking guidance, to uplift, inspire, teach, motivate, and support their human (or star being) journey.

I want you to experience a love for life, unconditional love for yourself, bliss, freedom, curiosity, joy happiness, and whatever enchanting miraculous feelings you wish for. Discover more in my Blog post.


My name is William, since I was a child I've walked this Earth sensing and knowing things others seemingly overlook. Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Rune, occult magic, and wizardry are all innate passions that fuel my love for life, that which I am choosing to now share with the universe in the highest Truth, Love & Gratitude, Miracles & Abundance. A journey that has guided the foundational creation of Two Peacocks.

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Psychic Mediumship Reading

Our minds are a doorway to freedom or a cage to dwell in. When listening patiently, quietly in stillness, all answers to life's mysteries are revealed. Psychic Mediumship Readings are offered by myself, William Mcgirr, a practitioner of many psychic crafts since the age of 7, consciously. My discipline and dedication to a holistic human journey has provided me the confidence and trust to offer such services, from a frequency of highest truth, love & gratitude, miracles & abundance. ​Law of Resonance, the law of harmony, as I AM your reflection, WE ARE one, what you seek is seeking you, allow me to help you find your answers.

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Sacred Energy Healing

The Path of least resistance. Freedom.

Sacred Energy Healing encompasses a holistic body, mind, soul, and earth synergy. A collaborative harmonization of earth energies and our own intentional energies to manifest a desired outcome. Some call this magic, witchcraft, wizardry, and even "spooky action at a distance". The only difference between occult magic and science is time. The illusionary parameter of our greatly unknown reality of existence raddles those in a stagnant comfort zone upon its realization, and our universe spontaneously intervenes, allowing an opportunity to explore life outside of the box, from a new perspective.

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Sacred Energy Healing

Psychic Mediumship 

Come as you are, as you will, Leave as you came...

We Are, all co-creating our lives, consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously billions of times a second. The odd phenomenon of altering one's determination, focus, and effort post-spiritual counsel is a reality most experience, an alteration to one's journey that seemingly slips by the conscious mind.

Questions are normally conjured during the mist of a beautiful creation, intense focus, fear, worry, or concern when applying effort towards an idea or project of interest.

I would like to state, the root of the ego can, and most often is, very deceptive in protecting its comfort zone.

You will receive an accurate vision from me in the highest truth from a place of love & gratitude, how you choose to experience and utilize the message provided, is the catalyst for altering your fate or destiny.

For better or worse, good or bad, right or wrong...

Duality I've come to understand is a limitation of the ego mind, it is important to remember, the experience of life is essentially neutral, and how you choose to react to those experiences is the essential rosetta stone to co-creating your life. This can be quite challenging for many (Including myself at times) to understand. Important nonetheless.

From these beliefs, we conjure up questions about the need for control, desire wishes, fear, or risk associated with the idea at hand. The very energy inside of you making headway in changing your life, will be challenged by your shadow self, here is the importance of ensuring, when you receive the guidance you DO NOT ALTER your efforts otherwise your result will change by your own doing. When seeking spiritual counsel, through means of psychic mediumship, tarot, runes, crystal balls, channellers, etc, one must understand the potential risk to their desired wishes. 

Two key important factors when seeking advice: 

  • You must walk away with the same motivation or be more inspired towards what it is you are doing. Many times guidance is provided to a person seeking from a position of ego, then the ego sneaks in and says ah-ha, I knew it, time to relax, time to take that break, he said she said it's around the corner, no need to press. This action will adjust your fate, it will adjust your magnetic law of attraction energy and change the course of your manifestation. It is important to note that many of us, through conditional upbringing, parents, teachers, peers, and environmental factors might have mental inner child/shadow/unconscious self blockages, these will pop up as lessons and trick you to find a reason unconsciously to not stay your course. ultimately it doesn't end up happening the way it was meant to frustrating it may be for the seeker. 

  • Choose a mystic that is aligned with their path. honoring their frequency,
    Find one who lives in harmony with nature, their body, and their environment, one who is grounded in reality. Receiving guidance from someone who is not aligned to a harmonious state of experiencing life, you will receive guidance that will reflect their practices, their actions, and their beliefs. 

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will control your life and you will call it Fate" ~ C.G.J



Listen in on my Podcast. if you wish to hear more on the importance of Psychic Mediumship post-session guidelines. 


Stay focused on your goal no matter what it is, and only alter your course when you have achieved it, consistency and determination are key factors in accomplishing any quest a seeker has embarked upon. 

If you wish to learn more on how to develop your Psychic abilities or other supernatural abilities that are innate to your DNA, or incarnation please email me, I do offer training and workshops customized when needed to certain requirements. Soon will be off on-site residency training at Two Peacocks in Canada.
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regarding Sacred Energy sessions & training.

Join Two Peacocks for their next Sacred Guided Tours excursion to discover your magic, and how powerful you are when you allow and surrender to higher-self.



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